“If I can get you to laugh, I can get you to listen. If I can get you to listen, I can help you amplify!”

Bonuses from a VIP

Unleash your potential and discover the secret to building your confidence, skills, and proficiency in communication.

Lead Out Loud book

Pre and Post Listening Tests

Personalized Assessments

Digital Materials

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Compiled Evaluation Results


Keynote Presentation

Set the tone of your event with the right speaker! Vincent’s humor, energy, and expertise will surely amplify your audience’s participation!

Interactive Workshop

Are you looking to hone your craft and advance your career? Get personalized professional learning designed to level up your skills!

Communication Certification

Arm yourself with the right tools to become an expert communicator!

Individual Coaching

Empower yourself with personal coaching from one of the world’s best communication experts!

Let’s Hear It From the Audience

"Vincent's laugh and smile are positively burned in my communication brain!"
"Vincent's energy could fuel a rocket!"
"Vincent is a storytelling genius!  I will never look a communication the same way!"
"I took five pages of amazing communication strategies for leadership!"
"My face hurts from laughing so hard!"
"Vincent has some hilarious stories!  I admit, I fact checked them!  They are all true!"
"I knew Vincent's keynote would be good when I overheard other speakers say they stayed to attend his presentation. "
"Vincent redesigned his entire keynote and his break out session around our company's brand!  That day, he was one of us and spoke our language!"

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