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“If I can get you to laugh, I can get you to listen. 
If I can get you to listen, I can help you amplify!”
Vincent Ivan Phipps, M.A., CSP
Certified Speaking Professional
Top 1% of the World’s Best Speakers!
Vincent Phipps is called the Attitude Amplifier. As a communication coach and owner of his award-winning company, Communication VIP Training and Coaching, Vincent is passionate about helping others improve their leadership, conflict resolution, and presentation skills.

Vincent loves to combine humor, high energy, interaction, and content expertise to keep laughing and listening. Vincent is distinguished with earning the highest earned honor in the industry of professional speaking, call Vincent is featured in the Top 1% of the world’s best speakers and trainers.

Vincent’s philosophy is the following, "If I can get you to laugh, I can get you to listen. If I can get you to listen, I can help you amplify!".

Our History


The founder and owner of Communication VIP, Vincent Ivan Phipps, suffered a near-fatal vehicular accident resulting in his neck being broken. During recovery, Vincent received hundreds of cards, letters, and visitors, wishing him good health, and also thanking him for providing public speaking tips and communication strategies for improving their lives.


Ten years of service were celebrated! Providing services to over 300 clients across the United States, Caribbean, United Kingdom, and Europe; Communication VIP was twice awarded a Top 3 Small Business by the #1 Rated Chamber of Commerce in America.


Today, Communication VIP and Vincent Phipps have serviced 322 clients, delivered 4000+ paid presentations, and facilitated training workshops in 52 American cities, in 28 states, and 5 foreign countries.  A special appreciation goes out to all of the family, friends, clients and supporters.  Please contact us if we can be of value as your event’s next keynote speaker or your organization’s next interactive workshop facilitator. Let’s amplify the future of leadership, public speaking, and interpersonal communication skills!
Today, Communication VIP continues to provide services delivering hundreds of presentations with an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau, and a 0% complaint record.

Communication VIP Intern Team

Justice Whitley

Major: Business Analytics

Stelmo Stepp

Major: Marketing

Lexi Cashion

Major: Marketing

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